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Ear notching, ear cutting and ear tagging have been routinely carried out as identification methods on wild ponies on Bodmin and Dartmoor moors.


These mutilations have been illegal in the UK since 2007, under the Permitted Mutilations Act, which is part of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Despite this, ponies have continued to be subjected to these procedures. All breeders on the moors have now been informed (as of August 2010) that they are no longer permitted to do this. If you see a foal that has been mutilated in this way, you need to report it to Trading Standards, the RSPCA or the police.



These mutilations involved forcibly restraining the pony and then cutting pieces out of the pony's ears, or cutting the top off of a pony's ear, or putting a tag in a pony's ear. Depending on the mark of the breeder, the process may involve multiple mutilations, such as, 2 notches in one or both ears, or a combination of tagging and notching. These are all procedures carried out without anaesthetic or any pain relief and results in ponies with extreme trauma.

Some Exmoor ponies have also been subjected to these mutilations, despite also having been hot branded...



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